Compiz Manager is now the recommended way to start compiz fusion and is automatically installed by default with any of the metapackages.

To run Compiz Fusion, type the following in a terminal:

  • compiz-manager

If you prefer using Fusion Icon and it is installed, you can still use it to run compiz fusion instead:

  • fusion-icon

If any of the Compiz Fusion metapackages are installed, you can use the included script to perform various maintenance functions by running the following commands:

The Compiz Fusion script has been removed from the metapackages for now as it needs to be re-written to take into account different setups - apt vs aptitude for example and different debian versions (Sid/Lenny/Etch) and in it’s current state also affects beryl packages. It will be re-added once I have time to fully rework it.

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