‘Compiz Fusion’

R.I.P  Shane  ( a.k.a. Shane Lee ) 09/10/1973 to 26/12/2008

R.I.P  Shame  ( a.k.a.  Shane Lee )  9/10/1973  to  26/12/2008

Important Changes

The latest update brings some changes that users need to be aware of:

  • atlantis 2 plugin:

The atlantis2 plugin in *plugins-unstable is currently patched to rename all files to *atlantis2* and to enable it to appear in CCSM as Cube Atlantis 2, enabling it to co-exist with the current atlantis plugin in *plugins-extra

From the latest update this is now unpatched and instead replaces the original atlantis.

What this means to users is that atlantis 2 now appears simply as Cube Atlantis in CCSM but is still actually atlantis 2.  I’m sure that all makes perfect sense.

It also means that all settings in CCSM will go back to their default settings.

If you don’t want to have to go to the trouble of recreating all your settings, the simplest way to get your settings back is like this:

flat-file backend users:

open ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/Default.ini

Look for the section starting [ATLANTIS2] and simply rename it to [ATLANTIS]

You may also want to check for an [ATLANTIS] section and delete that.

kdeconfig users:

Same method as above but open ~/.kde/share/config/compizrc and the sections are named [atlantis2_screen0] and [atlantis_screen0]

gconf-backend users:

Go to /home/shane/.gconf/apps/compiz/plugins/

Once there, delete the atlantis directory and rename the atlantis2 directory to atlantis.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • stars, fireflies and snow plugins:

stars and fireflies in *plugins-unstable have now been removed since they are merged into the elements plugin.

the snow plugin in *plugins-unsupported still exists but I understand it no longer works, so it is best to leave it disabled as it is also merged into the elements plugin.

  • animation plugin:

The animation plugin is now split into 2 seperate plugins - animation and animationaddon.

You can find more information about this > HERE <

I haven’t tested this yet but I understand users may need to recreate some or all of their animation settings.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do personally to avoid this.